This site is dedicated to bringing awareness to the need for care and clean-up of our beaches and water systems. It is a celebration of the majesty and beauty and inspirational qualities of our oceans and beaches, as well as a siren calling attention to the urgent need to save these precious habitat, be aware of and do all we can to reverse the harm being done to our oceans and their wildlife. We are all interconnected. The sickness of one system in our world creates failure in all other systems. It is time we move forward and educate ourselves and each other and save our oceans, waterways, and beaches!

A personal note from the site owner:

The reason why I made this site is at my disgust at the conditions at local beaches where I live. I am a beach bunny. I grew up in San Diego and visited the beach often. I am not alone in my sentiment that the beach is a rejuvenating,  inspiring and healing atmosphere to visit. Not only is it a popular vacation destination, weekend getaway, a place to get active and feel healthy, it is a place to get in touch with the body, feel the sun and expose more skin than we are allowed in our everyday life, have  fun and  people watc and even people-meet in this digital age! The ocean is majestic, soothing, moving, and healing. What other venue gives so much just by being? Hardly any other environments on earth are so coveted to live by and visit. We should not take the beach for granted. We should not take our oceans nor any waterway for granted. We depend on these ecosystems and their precious water for our very life.

So, take a look at the beach you live near or do some research on the web if you don’t have a beach nearby. There are some serious pollution and safety problems on our beaches, ranging from hardcore toxic leakage and wildlife endangerment to safety concerns for the human visitors with toxic water, broken glass and sewage runoff build-up on the beach and in the water — Not a good way to take care of one of the most blissful places available to us! So it’s time we focus, as we focus on the health of our entire world, on our essential health of our oceans and beaches. We must Save Our Beaches! Join Me!

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