Ocean Place Getting Energy Efficient Upgrades

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From Ocean Place Resort and Spa:

Lime Energy Co. announced this month that Ocean Place has signed a partnering agreement under the NJ Clean Energy’s Pay for Performance (P4P) to help identify and implement energy reduction and conservation measures to help reduce the resort’s consumption by a minimum of 15 percent. Consisting of 254 guest rooms and event space, Ocean Place was built in 1989 and encompasses 255,000 square feet.

The investment grade audit follows Lime’s preliminary audit which identified energy conservation measures and infrastructure upgrades that would save Ocean Place over 35 percent in annual energy consumption. Lime Energy’s analysis will also establish those measures that qualify for NJ Clean Energy P4P incentives.

“Lime Energy has completed the largest P4P clean energy project in New Jersey to date,” said Al DiGuilio, Vice President of Energy Efficiency. “The combination of Lime’s clean energy expertise and experience with the P4P program with Ocean Place’s commitment to improving their facility will result in another best-in-class energy project in New Jersey.”

According to Ocean Place’s Director of Engineering Dan Walradt, environmental awareness and concern has become a significant factor in the decisions they make on a daily basis.

“Many of our clients express interest in understanding the initiatives we are taking to reduce our carbon footprint,” Walradt said. “With over 250,000 square feet of conditioned space, Ocean Place can play a significant role in energy conservation.”

“Of course, it is equally important that the energy conservation measures (ECM’S) make financial sense for the business and operating expenses,” he continued. “The Pay for Performance program will be a great fit for Ocean Place since it will have a positive impact on both.”

The P4P audit will evaluate every area of the building from the envelope down to each piece of mechanical equipment that consumes energy. The project will be part of a large renovation planned to begin this fall.

“We know how important it is that we do it right, and take everything into consideration when selecting replacement equipment and control systems,” Walradt said. “We are very excited to move forward on our vision of being an industry leader in our market as well as being a positive role model in our community.”

Article source: http://longbranch.patch.com/articles/ocean-place-getting-energy-efficient-upgrades


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