Little Mermaid PSA Encourages Public to Help Clean Up Debris from Our Oceans

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The National Marine Sanctuary Foundation and its partners, launched the second phase of its Public Service Advertisement (PSA) campaign featuring characters from Disney’s film The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning (debuting on DVD August 2008), to encourage Americans to keep our ocean clean and free of debris. The first phase of the campaign, originally launched in 2006 with Disney’s Little Mermaid characters, proved such a success that the partners decided to continue the campaign in conjunction with Disney’s newest Little Mermaid film.

The campaign’s web site, is part of a multi-media effort to help Americans understand just how massive the problem of marine debris is. Each year, an estimated 6.4 million tons of debris enters the ocean. Most of the marine debris that ends up in the ocean starts out as trash on land that isn’t properly disposed of, including consumables packaging, fast food packaging, cigarette butts/lighters, and beverage containers.

Something as innocent as balloons at a child’s birthday party that end up flying away, can end up deflated in our waterways and in the ocean. Turtles and other sea creatures mistake them for jellyfish they love to eat and often end up choking or starving to death. And when we don’t dispose of trash properly after a picnic or day at the beach, those bags and bottles and other bits of debris can end up in the water. Marine Mammals and turtle mistake them for the jellyfish they love to eat and end up choking or starving to death. Not only can sea creatures accidentally ingest this trash, they also get caught up in things like plastic soda can rings, monofilament line from abandoned fishing gear, and other types of trash.

“The good news is that the problem of trash in our oceans is one that CAN be solved,” said Lori Arguelles, President and CEO of the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation. “As this campaign points out, each one of us can make a huge difference by being more aware of how we dispose of trash. The ocean truly is ‘part of our world’ and The Little Mermaid characters help make that connection, especially to children, who have a huge impact on their parent’s actions, as previous land-based recycling efforts have shown.”

The Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Beginning PSA, (2008)

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